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Technical Support

Maintenance of the concrete truck mixer reducer?
Along with the increase in truck mixer, concrete truck mixer reducer in use to view important to maintain.
Our company adopts the speed reducer is imported components to the oil quality requirement is very strict, different models of oil won't mix.Should periodically check the oil level, shall not be used when short of oil or no oil to avoid heat damage gear.
Truck mixer gear speed reducer adopts GL - 5 heavy duty vehicle gear oil, working environment temperature is 0 ~ 40 ℃, the temperature not too high,
Mixers for the first time use after 100 hours, should wash lumen new gear oil, oil change every 1000 hours later, don't allow more than one year.
Disassembling deceleration machine, should try to avoid hammer, in order to avoid damage to normal parts, if discover when using shaft extension or joint have oil leakage phenomenon, should be timely replacement of seal skeleton oil seal, etc.
HTC mixer reducer maintenance to periodically check the oil quality, keep enough lube, timely replacement or bad oil mixed with impurities, so to make it easy for your car work time!

Concrete truck mixer, concrete mixer truck, cement mixer drum to how to maintain?
Truck mixer mixing tank used for cement, cement ash to use, if long-term set cement is not cleaned in time, will affect the service life of the tank, tank to save things are much less, so maintenance of tank also important for it!
Truck mixer tank for long time with cement, tanks should be when not in use within the mixing drum of the material after use, add water and rocks, and then mixing 5 ~ 10 minutes, basic can remove the inside of the slurry tank should be check regularly, see stir into the feed opening and every situation.Serious word let workers use pneumatic pick into the blender.Pour the waste after clear out!Need not when can put brush oil tanks, shady and cool place, keep the tank dry!